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Local Box – Local Food Joy

Prisons Memory Archive – Parallel Stories

Further Space – Home Comforts in Wild Places

StreetSpace – Building Together

UPHOLD – Art That

Map Cover – New Ways to Know Insurance

We designed the identity for The Shipyard Slips – a collaboration between Household and artist and musician Ruth Clinton exploring the fractured histories of Belfast’s Sailortown through singing and sound. Hearing songs telling stories that were 'hard to hear' of hardy people living through hard times, we created an identity that was challenging on the eye and informed by the visual language of docks and shipyards.

TWO BY TWO is a collaborative Household project with writer and producer Emily DeDakis – An imaginative written piece, it draws on conversations with Sailortown's people and curiosity about the neighbourhood. We designed the project identity based on the notion of taking the time to really see and understand a place and it's people.

Not Only The Earth – Finding Contrast In Place

Garuda – Beautiful and Practical

Tricks of the Trade – More Soon

As a point of arrival and departure for travellers for centuries, the lights of Sailortown's bars, houses and St. Joseph’s Church spire have long represented 'coming home' for many. Exploring what it means to come home, we recently designed a range of illustrative graphics for an event celebrating Christmas in Belfast’s Sailortown.

Working alongside Household Belfast, Sailortown Regeneration and other community groups and businesses, we produced a visual identity and materials for the Sailortown Barra. With the aim of bringing people together to reignite a long tradition of community-led events taking place in the area, the Barra was a weekend of free events focussed on celebrating Sailortown’s past, present and future.

Savvie – More Soon

Breastival – More Soon

Cathedral – More Soon

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